Many people do not truly understand what yoga is and why it is good for them. The media has portrayed yoga as a feminine, lazy, stretching session; rather than the total-body, heart-pumping, muscle toning workout that it is. Yoga is based on the understanding that the mind, body and spirit are intricately connected; each affecting the other.  With this understanding in mind Yoga addresses each part of the individual, the inner emotional piece, the outer physical piece, and the spiritual piece.

Yoga is not about the picture perfect pose, it is about progression and modification with the ideal pose in mind. This means that it is important to start out with private instruction or in a small group setting (no more than 4 people). This way you will get the one on one attention and modifications that are needed when beginning yoga. The consistency of working with the same instructor allows the instructor to custom tailor each of your sessions based on your specific areas of concern. The instructor gets to know your body and is then able to progress you towards your goals.