$weatpant Millionaire

In case you didn’t know, $weatpant Millionaire is my clothing brand. I created $M in 2016 to channel my inner creative spirit as well as inspire others to be their best in whatever field they choose. Not all Millionaires wear suits to work; some wear sweats:) You will notice that I am wearing this in pretty much all of my videos……….because it’s comfortable, breathable and I love the designs. You can check it out for yourself HERE. Use code “ MEMBER” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase and FREE SHIPPING as part of your member perks.



Adidas Ultra Boost

No they don’t sponsor me…yet. But it is without a doubt the best all around shoe for training and running that I have ever worn. Visit their line of ULTRA - BOOST sneakers here.


EQUINOX: I started my career working for Equinox. It is one of the nicest and cleanest gyms that you will find. It is also the most expensive gym you will find.

HOME GYM: You don’t need a big fancy gym to get in shape. As you will see with all of my home workouts. Some don’t require any equipment and the ones that do; it is minimal equipment you can buy on Amazon for under $100 bucks.

PLANET FITNESS: I belong to a planet fitness because it is near my home in Long Island. Even though it can be a bit crowded at peak times, you can’t beat the price for $10 bucks a month. Thats insane!