The weekly at home workouts will be videos that you will press play and follow along with.

These videos are to music. If you don’t like the music or prefer to have silence; simply mute the video or your device.

I will indicate if you need any equipment (below the video). The equipment will be minimal (bands and hand weights).

For Beginners (referred to as B); it is ok to pause the video if you feel you can’t keep up in real time. Try and do the video 1-2x

For Intermediate (referred to as I); try and do the video straight through with minimal pausing. Try and do the video 2-3x

For Advanced (referred to as A); no pausing allowed:) Try and the the video 3-4x straight with no pausing!

This no equipment necessary home workout will keep your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

1-10. 1: it was way too easy --- to 10: wow, that was hard

This circuit only requires your bands. Modifications :B is for Beginner, I for Intermediate and A for Advanced.

It was way too easy...1 to it was way way too hard 10.

Try and do this straight through. Beginners do this 1-2x, Intermediate 2-3x, Advanced 3-4x

Do you like videos with Mark talking or do you prefer music?
Scale of 1-10 how hard was this? 10 ;;; way too hard. 1... way too easy.

Beginners; pause as needed. Intermediate: do this straight through; twice and Advanced, do this 3x

All you need are a set of heavy and medium weights for this one. Try not to press pause!!! (March 21 Upload)