"I started working out with Mark in 2002 at age 60. The results 10 years later are absolutely amazing. At 70 my body fat has dropped from 27 to 19, my waist has gone from 37 to 34, and most important I hit the golf ball as far today as I did ten years ago. Equally important is that my endurance level during a round is far greater than it was at 60. I just do not get tired towards the end of the round and my mental acuity stays at a high level thru 18 holes. My balance and flexibility are far better now than 10 years ago; two critical issues that diminish with age!

They say that seventy is the new sixty. That is only true if you have a good workout regime and a balanced diet, and you get both from Body By Mark. Best money I have ever spent!!

Lary Lindsey., Connecticut (Client; since 2002!)


"Mark is unique. He is extremely knowledgeable about training and exercise methodologies. He tailors each individual's program to fit their needs and goals. He is very results driven, and he also makes it fun. Most importantly, he clearly cares."

Anonymous (Client since 2012)

"I cannot say enough amazing things about working out with Mark.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, hard-working, and cares so very much.  And most importantly, he makes working out fun!  I am also beyond thrilled with the results! With Mark...50 is the new 30!"

Anonymous (Client since 2011)