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Slim Down

Although some trainers would have labeled this as “weight loss”; I opted for a better term. SLIM DOWN. Even though most of you on this plan have the goal of losing weight; and I will help you do that, DON’T become obsessed with that number on the scale; I would actually prefer if you didn’t own a scale. I want you to go by how your clothing is fitting and what your measurements are. The key measurements to take are Hips (The widest point on your body), your Waist (The smallest point around your midsection ), your THIGH (measure 5 inches above your knee) and your ARM (middle of your arm around your biceps muscle). Would you believe that many of my clients will stay the same weight but drop multiple sizes? Yup. You will see loose fat transform into tightly packed muscle. Taking up much less space in your clothes!

toned arms .jpg


Feeling puffy, big, bloated? Do you feel strong but your muscles aren’t showing? This is the plan for you. This plan isn’t a lot of fun (no alcohol), but you will start to see the definition you want in just a few weeks!

skinny guy.jpg


This program is for Men and Women. Have a hard time putting on muscle? Me too! Growing up I was always picked on as the skinny kid. I just thought that’s who I was. Although most would describe me as lean, I no longer get called “skinny”:). Follow this eating plan to put on the right kind of weight. Hope you like to eat, because this plan involves a lot of calories. Don’t worry; as long as you keep exercising, you won’t gain fat.