What is Craniosacral Technique and how does it work?
A therapeutic technique with proven results in relieving chronic pain, soothing general aches and pains such as headaches and backaches, and easing stress. This hands-on technique involves palpitations and pressure applications at specific key points of the body for subtle adjustments which release restrictions, correct misalignments, ease muscles tension, provides relaxation, reduces inflammation of connective and soft tissues, and promotes overall health of the body and central nervous system.

How do you get the best results?

The recommended protocol for maximum efficacy is an initial series of four one-hour sessions within three to four weeks. Subsequently, one to two sessions every one to two weeks to continue improving your structural alignment, soothing tensions, and maintaining overall health.

What to expect in the CST session:

Wear comfortable, relaxed clothing like loungewear if possible, or remove belts and neckties. The session is conducted on a massage table while fully clothed. Sessions commence with guided breathing for relaxation, progress into the application of gentle pressure for subtle manipulation at specific points in the head, neck, and major joints of the body. Following the session, people report feeling very calm and relaxed, with less or no pain. 

Who is a candidate for this therapy?

You. We all  need support to let go of the physical tensions stress causes to help us move better, perform better, sleep better and generally feel our best. This therapy is not ONLY for people with "problems" or "issues" (although those people will definitely benefit too) it's for anyone who cares about feeling great, having vitality, and living a healthy lifestyle.

About Erinn, Body By Mark Wellness Craniosacral Practitioner and Expert Yoga Instructor. 

Erinn was fortunate to be introduced to healthy lifestyle patterns from youth, including yoga and meditation; an organic whole foods dairy-free gluten-free diet; holistic health modalities; a varsity athletic career; and extensive training in the arts and music. Her formal education began in a conservative prep school which led to a private liberal arts college. From there she established and directed several small businesses, including an innovative wellness center, and pursued additional credentials including yoga teacher certification from the renowned Kripalu Center and CST certification from the preeminent Upledger Institute. Her expertise encompasses life-enhancing work with hundreds of clients and more than 15,000 sessions in her experience repertoire. Originally from southern Maine, she resides in Scarsdale NY.